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Brief History of CCA

A History of Crossroads Christian Academy

Crossroads Christian Academy (CCA) was founded as a ministry of Crossroads Bible Church (CBC) in 1997 by a small group of missionaries, pastors, and other parents primarily from the United States. The school began with 29 students enrolled in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

When the sovereignty of the Panama Canal was returned to the Panamanian Government in 1999 there was also a mass exodus of many Americans.  The leadership of CBC was faced with a major question – “should we continue with a school?”

The CBC leadership decided that the school needed to continue and would increase opportunities for outreach to the community and also provide a quality, Christian education option to families.  Since that very important decision, the school has grown from the original 29 to over 270 students in grades K4 to 12th grade.  The average senior class is 16 students.   95% of graduates enter post-secondary institutions in Panama, US, Canada as well as many other places.  The average class size is 23 and the faculty is primarily from the United States with the exception of specialty areas and foreign language classes.

International and Unique

Because of the influence of other countries throughout the history of Panama and the uniqueness of Panama many of our students hold two passports creating an interesting international mix.  Within this mix approximately 30% of our students have Panamanian citizenship.    Approximately 45% of the student body would be considered non Panamanian although Panama is considered home.  The final 25% would be families who are temporarily in Panama from a variety of countries for diplomacy, banking, humanitarian work, import/export and tourism.  The student body is comprised of citizens from countries such as Bolivia, India, Jamaica, China, Japan, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, United States, Haiti and Venezuela.

Because CCA is not a bilingual school, students entering First grade through 11th grade must demonstrate a proficiency and fluency in writing, speaking and reading English. CCA does not admit new students into the 12th grade. Students in K4 and K5 may be admitted with a certain level of limitation in English usage.    The Spanish language is taught to students in all grade levels.

CCA does admit students with various religious preferences although students and parents must be willing to participate in all aspects of the Christian school program.  Parents and students do sign an agreement that they will adhere to and follow the Code of Conduct and understand that Crossroads Christian Academy functions under a Biblical Worldview.

Faculty, Program, Facilities

Most of the faculty is recruited from the US. All the teachers hold a recognized US equivalent teaching certificate - most have US state certification.  Over 50% of the faculty has advanced degrees. Teachers must agree with the Statement of Faith and evidence a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The average tenure of a foreign hired teacher is three years.

The academic program continues to improve each year.  In 2004, the academic program changed from a video based approach to a traditional type classroom with skilled teachers for each grade level and subject area.  Beginning in 2008, CCA was able to provide advanced classes in Spanish, Literature, Biology and World History.  In 2010 CCA partnered with SevenStar online academy to expand AP class offerings, electives and recovery class options.  In 2011, CCA began offering its first dual credit class from Indiana Wesleyan University.   Seniors are able to earn 3 college credits by completing the course.  In 2013, CCA piloted its first fully online course taught by a teacher located in US.  CCA is fully accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) as well as fully recognized by the Ministry of Education of Panama.

CCA shares facilities with Crossroads Bible Church. Although the property is relatively small the school is still able to provide a 25-station computer lab, an art room, music room, guidance office, an outdoor cafeteria, playground, covered gym area, a science lab and a small elementary library. All the classrooms are well equipped and air-conditioned.

The school is registered with the appropriate governmental agencies and has tax-exempt status in Panama. The school is governed by a seven to nine board members that is self- perpetuating.  The board’s role is to assure that the vision of CBC, for the school, is maintained.  The Board also develops the strategic plan and defines operational policies. The selection of the Chairman of the school board is done by the Elder Board of CBC.  The school board is structured according to the policy governance model and is responsible for one employee, the Head of School. 

Inquire Today!

If CCA might be an option for your family please do not hesitate to contact us.  We understand how important the right educational environment is for your child.  If a smaller, US type educational structure with a Biblical worldview is something you are looking for we are here to answer your questions.  Additional information regarding the enrollment process can be found under Admissions.  We look forward to hearing from you!