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In order to further aid our families in the education of their children, Crossroads Christian Academy has partnered with Sevenstar Academy and initiated a new program.  We call this program...

CCAOnline is a program offered by Crossroads Christian Academy whereby Middle and High School students can gain further education in a variety of areas.  With around 90 High School courses offered and over 100 Dual Credit courses with regional Christian colleges, CCAOnline could be something your students wish to pursue as they evaluate their skills and abilities and prepare for their futures; both in regards to academics and college, as well as their future careers.

Online learning has been rapidly expanding for years.  Many states in the U.S. even have one or more online classes as graduation requirements.  College students will likely take at least one course fully online in their collegiate careers and the likelihood of being involved in a blended learning environment (a combination of both on-campus learning as well as online experiences) is even higher.

CCA believes that providing students the opportunity to take classes online during High School will better prepare them for the high likelihood of experiencing increasing online learning opportunities in the future.

How to get Involved in Online Learning...

Please contact the High School Principal, Dr. Carol Clarke, at you wish to speak further about CCAOnline !

In order to view the CCAOnline Course Descriptions, please click the link below:

A Note to Parents...


Please click the CCAOnline logo below to go to our CCAOnline Login page where you can create a FREE Parent Account and look at courses and even DEMO the courses to see how they function.  Additionally, if you decide your student wishes to take online courses then he/she will go to the CCAOnline Login page to log in to their classes.

If you need help navigating the site, please do not hesitate to contact the High School Principal, Dr. Carol Clarke, at