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Expected Student Outcomes

Expected Student Outcomes

  • Life-Long Learning:  Students will desire to seek truth through learning that extends beyond the classroom into all areas and phases of life. (AE, BC)
  • Critical Thinking:  Students will use investigative skills and questioning techniques to help them develop a deeper understanding of ideas within a Biblical worldview. They will then develop the ability to thoughtfully conceptualize, analyze, evaluate, and communicate learned information.  (AE, BC) 
  • Language and Communication Skill:  Students will demonstrate mastery in the English language and will communicate understanding through written and oral means.   Honoring our host country, students will also work toward competency in Spanish.  Students will use their language skills to effectively interact with others. (AE, BC, IA)
  • Math and Science Proficiency:  Students will demonstrate proficiency in both math and science, within a learning environment that demonstrates faith in God.  This will enable them to be successful in academic and technical settings and will promote skills used to focus on problem solving. (AE, BC, IA)
  • Cultural Understanding:  Students will have a cultural understanding of people and their unique diversity by exploring how different cultures have shaped the past, affect the present, and impact the future.  (AE, IA)
  • Arts Expression:  Students will be exposed to the arts and will express their emotions and thoughts through their God-given creative abilities.  (AE)
  • Digital Responsibility:  Students will use technology responsibly, be discerning of proper information, be good stewards of devices, and be self-controlled in the amount of use. (AE, CC)

Personal Growth

  • Relationship with Jesus:  Students will understand the Gospel message that can be theirs through faith in Christ and will be challenged to authentic Christian living.  (BC, CC, CR)
  • Worth of the Individual:  Students will understand that everyone is made in God’s image and therefore has intrinsic value.  (BC, CC, CR)
  • Christian Character:  Students will demonstrate Christian character by upholding biblically-based truths, including servant leadership skills and compassion for others, revealing their unique purpose in this world.  (BC, CC, CR)
  • Spiritual Disciplines:  Students will learn what the biblical spiritual disciplines are, why they are important, and how to put them into practice. (BC, CR)


  • Scriptural Authority:  Students will understand that truth is absolute and comes from the Bible, which is the full and final authority in all matters.  (BC, AE, CR)
  • Biblical Worldview:  Students will have the understanding of and be exposed to a biblical worldview both through academic and personal interactions. (BC, AE, IA, CR)
  • Apologetics:  Students will be able to provide a defense for the validity of the Christian faith with gentleness and respect. (BC, AE, IA, CR)
  • Evangelism and Discipleship:  Students will learn of the world’s need for the Gospel as well as the importance and understanding of the Great Commission as a part of the DNA of CCA. (BC, IA, CR)
  • Stewardship:  Students will understand that time, finances, and other resources are not their own, but God’s, and are intended for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  (BC, CR)


  • Respect:  Students will recognize that true respect grows out of an understanding of who God is and all He has made.  Respect is demonstrated through our interaction with God and with others.  It always honors Him first, then others, above ourselves.  (BC, CC)
  • Integrity:    Students will be focused on truth and honesty in all their interactions and will learn to make biblically-based choices in an increasingly hostile world. (BC, CC)
  • Kindness:  Students will demonstrate kindness and compassion towards all people, understanding that kindness grounded in love reflects the heart of God and leads others to repentance. (BC, CC)
  • Diligence:  Students will be characterized by perseverance no matter the task or situation and will work hard, working for the Lord and not men. (BC, CC, AE)
  • Service:  Students will reflect the heart of God by setting the example of selfless love for their neighbor, advocating for those in need, being good stewards of God’s creation, and cooperating with what God is doing around the world, both near and far. (BC, IA, CC, CR)

Life Skills

  • Leadership Skills:  Students will exhibit leadership skills by demonstrating character growth, increasing self-awareness, self-discipline, integrity, and respect which positions them to be trusted and effective leaders in their various roles and inspires their peers. (BC, AE)
  • Decision-Making Skills: Students will make decisions based on biblical principles and informed research and will understand the potential results of their actions. (BC, CC)
  • Relational Skills:  Students will understand the biblical definition of marriage and family as well as the impact of healthy relationships on friendships, marriage, and family living.  (BC, CC, AE)
  • Organizational Skills:  Students will develop and use an effective system of organization in both their academic and personal lives to reach their maximum potential. (AE)
  • Health and Fitness Choices:  Students will understand the impact of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices on their bodies, their mental state, and their spiritual well-being, and will make good choices as a result. (AE, BC, CC)


AE       Academic Excellence/Excelencia académica

BC        Biblically Centered/Enfoque bíblico

IA        International Awareness/Conciencia internacional

CC        Caring Community/Comunidad solidaria

CR       Church Related/Relacionado a la iglesia