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Community Service

Why We Do Community Outreach

In Matthew 25:37-45, Christ provides a very simple assignment to those who follow Him. The assignment requires followers to do something about the needs of others, even if that means stepping out of their own comfort zones. 

In an attempt to fulfill the assignment that Christ gave in Matthew 25, CCA requires all high school students to complete twenty community service hours for each year of high school attended at CCA (these also apply toward a minimum total of 80 hours required to receive the Panamanian diploma).

High school students will be able to serve and fulfill their community service requirement by participating in Community Outreach Opportunities (COOPs) throughout the year. Community Outreach Opportunities will be announced as they are available and may take place on Wednesdays, after school, or on weekends.  

Transportation and necessary supplies will either be provided or acquired through the generosity of the CCA community. There will be an assembly regarding outreach during the month of August.