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Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council is a student-led organization whose main priority is boosting school morale and improving school spirit. It organizes civil days, presents school announcements, promotes sports teams, and hosts a variety of events. The Student Council is composed of a President (11th-12th grade), Vice President (11th-12th grade), Treasurer (9th-12th grade), Secretary (9th-12th grade), and a representative from each grade (6th and above). Student Council positions are held for an academic year and are voted upon by all secondary grades including incoming 6th graders at the end of each school year.

Vision Statement

The vision of Student Council is to give students the school pride, unity, and enthusiasm to look forward to each school day as well as a voice to cause change.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Council is to create, organize, and promote events and activities that encourage a Christ-centered environment of school pride and student empowerment.