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Our Philosophy of Education

CCA Philosophy

At Crossroads Christian Academy it is our goal that every student would hear a full and clear explanation of the Gospel, and that through the work of the Holy Spirit would experience transformation in their own lives.

Each student is made in the image of God and as such is created to glorify Him.  God desires deep relationship with us, and He desires us to develop relationships with others for mutual edification and as a platform to share truth (I Peter 4).  Christian Education equips students with the tools that they need to be effective communicators of truth in this world.

Scripture clearly states that the primary responsibility for education rests on the parents.  As a school, we desire to come alongside the family and the church, supporting each one, and providing additional opportunities for academic, spiritual, and social growth.

Students will be systematically exposed to and challenged by the Word of God, through both chronological study and the application of biblical truth in their lives.  Scripture memory is an important part of our Bible program, and it is woven into every Bible course.  Key scriptures put to memory will assist students as they face challenges and as they share truth with others.

The curriculum includes all the learning experiences for which the school is responsible, including, but not limited to, the textbooks.  In all subjects, students and teachers will integrate content with our biblical worldview.  Secular textbooks will be used when deemed to be the best available text for the curriculum.  Through regular biblical integration in our courses, students will be taught to think biblically and critically.  They will learn how all areas of learning reveal the character or nature of God and/or they will have a greater understanding of how God designed this world.  Truth is absolute and it is knowable, “for it has been revealed to us” (Romans 1:19).  In Christ are all the “treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3).

We have a great privilege and responsibility to reach out to the hurting world around us.  At CCA, we desire to prepare our students for this great task.  Our students, as third-culture kids, are equipped to navigate the waters of cultural differences more easily which makes them more flexible in adapting to the needs around them.  Our students will build on their global perspective through classes and outreach opportunities woven throughout the curriculum.

Learning is an active process (involving all the senses) and is the result of many different experiences.  Learning is not linear, but rather is multifaceted and dynamic.  Teachers play an integral role in the orchestration of the classroom environment along with programmed instruction to reach established goals.   Utilizing higher order thinking skills and principles for life-long learning are byproducts of this type of instruction.

It is the teacher's responsibility to foster a safe learning environment, including care of the physical, emotional and intellectual welfare of the students. 

We believe that discipline is necessary to help build maturity, character and positive habits in students.  We will always seek to respect the dignity of the student.  We view misbehavior as an opportunity for personal problem solving and preparation for the real world, and as such, logical consequences, as opposed to punitive means, are typically used.  We believe that students have the right to be heard and will always be given that opportunity when properly requested. 

Finally, as this philosophy is implemented day by day in our classrooms, we desire to see the following outcomes in the students of CCA.