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Parent Seminars

Raising Healthy International Students

The Heart of Discipline

The Art of Digital Parenting


Thank you for virtually attending our "The Art of Digital Parenting" seminar. These videos are the culmination of a three-part seminar that we offered in person here at CCA in March 2017. We are excited to have it up and running on the internet for all those who could not participate in person. In this seminar, I talk about the rewards, challenges, and dangers associated with raising healthy students online. We as parents have a significant responsibility when it comes to the health of our students online and I hope this seminar will go far in beginning some important conversations for us all. 

                                                                                                               -Aaron Chowning

Digital Parenting: Seminar #1

Digital Parenting: Seminar #2

Digital Parenting: Seminar #3