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Fernando Valenzuela

Fernando Valenzuela is a 2011 graduate of Crossroads Christian Academy.  His CCA career spans a full 10 years as he began attending CCA during his 3rd grade year.  After graduating from CCA, Fernando attended college in the United States at the University of the Ozarks and earned degrees in Marketing, Management, and Music (voice).  He has since moved back to Panama and is working as an Analyst in the Revenue Programs with Copa Airlines and plays music/sings for the worship team at Crossroads Bible Church.

Fernando loves the small class sizes at CCA (roughly 14:1 student to teacher ratio) and says that the teachers care for “the educational and emotional health of the students.”  He also added that CCA is “a place that brings hope for the kids” and said that “1 on 1 times with the teachers to really learn the concepts taught” is one thing that is really hard to find in other places.  He also believes that CCA prepared him well for college.  He says that “the teachers helped educate on academic organization, where essays, grammar, math, and homework discipline were taught at a level that prepared me for college.”  Additionally that CCA helped to find scholarships given his particular financial situation.

Along the lines of hope, when asked how he has grown in his faith as a result of his experience at CCA, Fernando had a couple things to say.  Firstly, he said that his time at CCA “taught me that not many have grown up in the same background as me.”  And because of that he realized that “the world is not a Christian bubble of happiness, but rather one that depends on Christ for strength and endurance/perseverance.”  Fernando commented on his time at CCA as it relates to the Vision Statement, To educate a multitude of leaders who will reach the world for Christ by saying that the teachers “listened first before commanding/executing whatever they had in their schedule,” and that they knew it was “important for [the students] to know that they care and are listening and that what they say is important” in order that the students then can “open up and reach the world for Christ.”

When asked about his favorite teacher he said that he didn’t have just one favorite, but that his favorite things about teachers were that they “engaged the students and were always happy to help.”  Additionally, he said that teachers “took time out of their schedules to help in the extra-curricular activities,” as well as helping out at Crossfire at CBC.  Fernando clarifies that “it wasn't so much of doing as much as it was just being available to help in time of need for the student.”

Fernando has some advice for students considering joining Crossroads Christian Academy.  He says “to be prepared to be challenged, not only academically, but also for your purpose in life. Yes, they will find Christian principles (since it is a private school), but it'll help shape how you see the world around you.”  He added, “ prepared to play EVERY sport that the school offers (after all, it is a small school).”

We thank you, Fernando, for your time and your support, for being a good student, and being a better man.