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The Arts at CCA

Fine Arts at CCA

At CCA, students have a wide range of outlets to explore their artistic and musical abilities. Music and Fine Art classes are part of the Elementary Curriculum, and Secondary students have a range of classes to fulfill their credits as well as to develop their natural talents or discover new ones. 

Students are able to participate in several musical directed studies such as group guitar class and vocal ensemble. Students may also participate in the school's chapel band, which practices weekly and leads worship for the school's Wednesday chapels. Music Theory and Music Appreciation are both offered as high school elective courses. In these classes, students are able to delve deep into the different periods of music throughout history, and discover the art of analyzing and composing music. Every Christmas, the school's elementary students put on a Christmas program that celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior.

All Secondary students receive an Introduction to Art class that covers the major art forms (drawing, painting and three dimensional art) and later may choose to continue with either drawing or painting classes.  Yearbook is part of the Fine Arts Department, offering students a brief introduction to Digital Arts, followed by the design and creation of the new yearbook.

We are excited that our Music and Art programs are constantly growing.  There are many new musical opportunities and programs, which occur every year here at CCA, as well as new art courses developing as we see the abilities and interests of the students.