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CCA Forms

If your child will not be attending school today, or will be arriving late, please use this form to indicate the reason why and at what time he or she will arrive, if arriving late. (1 per child)

Si su hijo o hija no atenderá el colegio hoy, o llegará tarde, por favor llene este formulario para indicar el motivo y a qué hora llegará (1 por estudiante).

**Excused Absences/Tardies will be considered 'excused' only if the parameters listed in the Parent-Student Handbook are met. All medical appointments must be verified with an official note from the health provider.  See page 13 of PSH for more details.**

Attendance Form

If your child will be leaving CCA via a different method of transportation than usual OR staying after school TODAY for a CCA-sponsored activity, please use this form to indicate the name of the activity and/or with whom he or she will be leaving. (One form per child). 

Dismissal Form