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Middle School

Intermediate School

Since the transition between elementary and secondary school can be quite jarring, CCA has developed an intermediate school program for fifth and sixth grade students to gradually prepare them for middle and high school. 

Though still in elementary school, fifth grade students will begin to have more teachers for the different subject areas and will learn the tools that they need to be successful in the future.

Sixth graders are considered part of secondary, yet these students will continue to have a homeroom teacher in addition to other teachers for different subject areas. In sixth grade students will gradually be pushed towards middle school expectations.

Middle School

The Middle School at CCA includes grades six through eight. Our middle school students experience a Biblically-based, multi-cultural environment that encourages critical thinking and helps students develop spiritually, socially, and academically. Opportunities for development take place through: 

  • academic rigor
  • small group discussions
  • Bible classes
  • athletic competitions
  • arts and music
  • community outreach projects
  • one-on-one discipleship

Students also develop academic and life skills that will enable them to be effective in making the transition from middle school to high school including self-discipline and wise decision-making.  Following the completion of middle school, students will be prepared for CCA’s English-speaking, US college preparatory high school.