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High School

High School

CCA’s high school program spans grades nine through twelve.

Our high school students experience a Biblically-based, multi-cultural environment that encourages critical thinking while helping them to develop spiritually, socially, and academically.

CCA offers opportunities for growth through:

  • Academic rigor
  • Small group discussions
  • Bible classes
  • Athletics
  • Art and music
  • Community service
  • Discipleship

We stress self-discipline and wise decision-making. Students develop skills that will help them to be effective in the world that they will encounter outside of CCA.

Following graduation, students will be prepared for an English-speaking, post-secondary education in any U.S. college or university. Students can also qualify for a local diploma giving them the opportunity to study in the local Panamanian and Latin American Universities as well.

Graduation Requirements

A cumulative total of 25 credits is required for graduation. The number of credits needed in each subject area is as follows:

  • Bible- 4.0 credits (0.5 units for every semester of attendance at CCA) 
  • English- 4.0 credits
  • Mathematics- 3.0 credits
  • Science- 3.0 credits
  • Social Studies- 3.5 credits
  • Foreign Language- 2.0 credits
  • Fine Arts- 1.0 credits
  • Physical Education- 1.0 credits
  • Additional Credits- 3.5 credits 

Community Service- 80 hours of approved community service
One credit (1.0) is defined as 120 hours of classroom instruction over a 36-week period (1 year). 

A list of courses and their descriptions is available in the link below.