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Tuition at Crossroads Christian Academy

Explore the value of investing in an international school where your child will be biblically transformed and academically inspired

Whether your child is just taking their first steps as a new kindergartner or moving ahead as an independent high schooler, you know that these years spent in school will impact their mind, heart, and soul. As a parent, you recognize that these formative years — though it feels like a blink of an eye — deeply impact your child’s understanding of God’s unique purpose in their lives.

This is why you’re looking for an environment that aligns with the values you hold true … a place that will prepare your child, academically, socially, and spiritually, for what their future holds.

At Crossroads Christian Academy, this is what we strive for. As an international private Christian school in Panama, our vision is to develop biblically transformed, lifelong learners who use their gifts and abilities to positively impact the world. Discover the value of investing in CCA, and in your child’s education.



The CCA Difference


Discover an excellent academic experience at our private Christian school

As you consider the best learning environment for your child, there are a handful of things you’re probably considering, such as a strong academic program, Christian values, and a caring community where your child will be known. At CCA, we recognize that these are top priorities of many families.


Get a full scope of what our school offers by downloading a Parent Information Packet.

English Parent Information Packet Spanish Parent Information Packet

Christ-Centered, Thriving Community

God’s Word is front and center in all areas of learning and school culture at CCA. Your child will understand the connection between subjects such as literature, art, science, math, and more from a biblical perspective — recognizing that all these things are part of the tapestry of God’s creation.

The Christian culture at CCA extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. Our community is one that fosters respect, kindness, love, and spiritual growth.

English-Speaking, Robust Academic Instruction

We are an English-speaking international school within a Spanish-speaking community in Panama. We see the value of using English as our main language for academic instruction, preparing students to develop communication skills and meet the demands of a more globalized modern society.

In addition, we provide students with a robust curriculum that meets the high standards of accreditation organizations while giving them the right balance of challenge and support.

Multiple Growth Opportunities for Students

Our vibrant school community makes it possible for students to explore several paths to develop their God-given talents. Your child will have exciting opportunities to grow with like-minded peers in different fields, such as the arts, athletics, service, or leadership.

In addition, small class sizes allow students to enjoy enrichments with intentional mentorship from teachers, whether in foreign language, music, or physical education classes.

Envision your child at CCA.

As you consider the best Christian schools in Panama, we’re inviting you to get a closer look at our school community! Meet our dedicated teachers, preview our learning environment, witness our educational philosophy in action, and see if CCA is the right fit for your family.




Questions? Feel free to contact Darcy Smith, our Admissions Coordinator, at (507) 317-9774 or

Affordability Options


Learn about financial assistance options and our commitment to making CCA accessible for families

Perhaps, some of the important questions you’re asking as a parent are “How can private school education fit our budget?” or “Are there financial aid options available?” At CCA, we’re committed to making quality Christian education possible for families who want to partner with us.


Financial Assistance

CCA offers partial financial assistance to families who demonstrate need. We recognize that each family is unique, and each application is carefully evaluated based on multiple factors. Learn more by visiting our tuition FAQs section.

Payment Plans

Aside from a full tuition payment, we also provide a 10-month payment plan. This payment plan setup is a great option for families who want to pay in increments throughout the school year.

Referral Program

We encourage current and prospective families to take advantage of our referral program as well. Share your love of CCA with a prospective family, and when they enroll, make sure they list you as their referral source so you can benefit from a tuition discount!

"CCA has been our children’s home away from home and we are thankful at how our girls have found their place here in Panama through their warm, welcoming community. It has been a relief to discover strong ties of faith, family, and community service in the CCA educational environment. It has also been a tremendous help to us as missionaries from the Philippines to be part of the financial assistance program that CCA offers."

-Erico and Catrina Ricafort, CCA Parents

Tuition Information



School Year 2024-2025

Grade LevelFull Tuition AmountPer Monthly Rate (10 Months)*
K3 & K4$7270$727
K5 & Grades 1-4$7930$793
Grades 5-8$8570$857
Grades 9-12$9270$927

*Monthly rate is the full cost before tuition assistance.


Included in Tuition

  • Yearbook
  • Textbooks across all subjects
  • Standardized testing in elementary
  • Admission to many school wide events (separate tickets and food items may require fees, but entrances are mostly free)
  • Online class in High School  (requirement for graduation)

Corporate Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates Fees 
K3 & K4$9,000 yearlyEntrance Fee:$12,000
K5 & Elementary$13,500 yearlyApplication Fee:$100
Middle School$14,500 yearlyTesting Fee:$50
High School$15,000 yearlyRegistration Fee:$650
  Tech Fee:Elem. $20, Middle $40, High $90


Entrance, application, and testing fees are one time per child. Registration and technology fees are yearly per child. Registration fees cover books and most materials.

Other Fees and Entrance Fee Payment Options

Other FeesEntrance Fee Payment Options
  • Entrance Fee: $5,000
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Testing Fee: $50
  • Registration Fee: $650
  • Tech Fee: Elementary - $20, Middle School - $40, High School - $90
  • After-school fee: This amount depends on the activity, which will be determined once the student signs up for the after-school program

Option 1: $5,000 - One-time payment prior to enrollment
Option 2: $5,250 - Payment over the first five months
Option 3: $5,500 - Payment over the first ten months
Option 4: $6,000 - May be paid in two lump sums of $3,000 each per year or $300 monthly for 20 months

**If at any point there is a change in plans, the amount due will be based on the total amount of the original plan or the total amount of the plan they are moving to, whichever is greater.

K3 & K4 Entrance Fee Payment Options
K3 year: One-time payment of $1,000
K4 year: $1,000 if K3 or $2,000 if K4 only
K5 year: $3,000 balance due

Do you have any questions about tuition at CCA?

I’m Darcy Smith, the Admissions Coordinator at Crossroads Christian Academy! If you have any questions about tuition or financial assistance, I’m happy to answer them. Feel free to reach out to me at (507) 317-9774 or

Frequently Asked Questions



Find answers to some common tuition and financial aid questions

CCA offers limited financial assistance to families who demonstrate need. CCA recognizes that each family is unique; thus a careful assessment by a third-party provider will be used in determining the amount of reduced tuition awarded. Additional factors considered may include number of years associated with CCA, parental and student involvement in school activities, student's academic performance and character, and consideration of the greater community.

Our financial assistance is run by a third-party platform called FAST which collects, validates, and provides specific recommendations for reduced tuition. The family is responsible for paying the application fee of $48 directly to FAST.

While CCA cannot guarantee financial assistance, all families are encouraged to apply and go through the process to see whether aid can be granted. Applications are due no later than Feb. 28 of each year in order to be considered for the upcoming school year, which begins in August. Applications received after the filing deadline will be considered as resources become available.

We will attempt to support the student’s enrollment at CCA so long as the family demonstrates a need for financial support and the student maintains a GPA of 2.5 or above. CCA desires to help as many families as possible; therefore, the amount of assistance offered will be for one year at a time. Hence, a family will need to re-apply for assistance each year to demonstrate their continuing need. 

Yes, our tuition assistance program is available from K3-Grade 12.

No. Admission at CCA is determined by separate factors, and applying for tuition assistance will not diminish the chances of being accepted in our school.

The donation or entrance fee at CCA is charged per student. 

Ready to Apply?

We’re glad you’re considering Crossroads Christian Academy for your family! Our team is looking forward to continuing the conversation with your family soon! Use the link below to start your application.