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K5 Cap and Gown Pictures/K5 Fotos con Toga y Birrete

Kindergarten Cap and Gown Pictures
These pictures will be taken on Monday, March 13, 2017.  The school provides the cap and gown for each one of the children.  The only requirement for you, as a parent, is to please send your student to school as usual.   Monday, March 13 will be the first day of Spirit Week and it will be Pajama Day.  Please send his/her favorite SMALL stuffed animal to be included in the picture.
Special note for girls:
 When doing their hair, please take into consideration that they will be wearing the graduation cap. 
Digital Version
The individual cap and gown pictures as well as the group picture will be available digitally, so once your order is received, you will be able to print as many as you would like and share them with relatives and friends around the world!  To place your order, please reply to this e-mail and the charge will be added to your account and a digital file will be sent to you with a limited time frame to download the pictures.
Individual Portrait Pictures:  $25.00
Individual and Group Pictures:  $40.00
Fotos con Toga y Birrete
Estas fotos se tomarán el día de mañana, lunes 13 de marzo de 2017.  La escuela provee la toga y el birrete para cada estudiante.  La escuela provee la toga y el birrete para cada uno de los estudiantes.  El único requisito de parte suya, como padre de familia, es enviar a su estudiante a la escuela como de costumbre.  El lunes 13 de marzo será el primer día del Spirit Week y será día de pijamas.  Por favor envíe su pequeño peluche favorito para incluirlo en la foto.
Estarán disponibles digitalmente, así que una vez que haga su pedido, usted podrá imprimir tantas como desee y podrá compartirlas con familiares y amigos alrededor del mundo!  Pronto se anunciarán más detalles!
Nota especial para las niñas:
Al peinar su cabello, por favor, tome en consideración que usará el birrete para la foto.
Versión Digital
Las fotos individuales con toga y birrete, además de la foto de grupo estarán disponibles digitalmente.  Una vez reciba su pedido, podrá imprimir las copias que desee y compartirlas con familiares y amigos alrededor del mundo!    Para hacer su pedido, por favor, conteste a este correo y el cargo se le añadirá a su cuenta y el paquete digital se le enviará con un tiempo límite para descargarlas.
Fotos individuales:  $25.00
Fotos individuales y grupo:  $40.00

Elementary Department!

Welcome to the Crossroads Christian Academy Elementary Department! Our K4-5th grade classrooms are bright and colorful learning environments, especially designed for our young learners. We seek to engage students with hands-on activities, technological integration, and cultural awareness in order to promote an environment that meets individual needs. With our low teacher to student ratio, students are able to feel part of a caring community, while acknowledging the needs that surround us worldwide.

At CCA, your child will be immersed in an academically rigorous and strong Christ-centered environment. Our Biblical worldview and character development are at the core of our curriculum, integrating the Bible into every subject, while providing students with opportunities for growth in different areas. These include the following: chapel leadership, community service projects, sports, field trips, music performances, and art presentations, among others. We strive to help each child grow academically, socially, and spiritually. We work hard to build life skills related to time management, organization, responsibility, honesty, hard work, helping others, understanding the value of cooperation, and seeking to be more like Christ.