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High School

High School

High School (HS) at CCA includes grades 9 through 12.  Our high school students will experience a student-friendly, Biblically-based, multi-cultural environment that teaches students to think critically while developing spiritually, socially, and academically. 

Opportunities for development take place through academic rigor, small group discussions, athletic competitions, participation in the arts and music, community outreach projects, and one-on-one discipleship. We stress self-discipline and wise decision making.  Students develop skills that will help them to be effective in the world that they will encounter.  Following graduation, students will be prepared for an English-speaking, post-secondary education in any U.S. college or university. Students can also qualify for a local diploma giving them the opportunity to study in the local Panamanian and Latin American Universities as well.

High School Curriculum

English Department:  English 9, World Literature 10, American Literature 11, *Advanced American Literature 11, British Literature, *Speech, *Creative Writing

Social Studies Department:  World History I 9, US History II 10, US History 11, American Government,* Economics, *Current Events, Panama/U.S. Relations, *Advanced World History

Mathematics Department:  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, *Calculus

Science Department:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, *Human Anatomy and Physiology, *Environmental Science, *Marine Science, *Advanced Biology

Foreign Language Department:  Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish Language and Literature I, Spanish Language and Literature II, Advanced Spanish, *French I

Physical Education Department:  PE 9, Health and Personal Fitness 10, *Aerobic Fitness, *Team Sports, *Personal Fitness and Training

Bible Department:  History of Christianity and Missions 9, Introduction to Logic 9, Basic Christian Doctrines 10, Worldviews 10, Apologetics 11, Life Calling 11, Stewardship 12, Relationships 12

Technology Department: Technology Applications, Yearbook, *Video Production, *Web Design, and various online courses available

Fine Arts Department:  Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Digital Art, Intro Art I, Drawign I, Drawing II, Painting I, Painting II, Advanced Art, *Photography

*Electives:  Leadership (and any courses above graduation requirements)
*Offered each year based on faculty availability and student interest; may be offered online

Graduation Requirements

Number of credits required for graduation is 25.

English - 4.0 credits
Physical Education - 1.0 credits
Social Studies - 3.0 credits
Bible - *4.0 credits
Mathematics - 3.0 credits
Fine Arts - 1.0 credits
Science - 3.0 credits
Electives - 4.0 credit
Foreign Language - 2.0 credits

 *0.5 units required for every semester of attendance at CCA

- One credit (1.0) is defined as 120 hours of classroom instruction over a 36 week period (1 year).
- 20 hours of approved community service per year at CCA in grades 9-12 with a total of 80 by graduation.