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Middle School

Middle School

Middle School (MS) at CCA includes grades 6 through 8. As a middle school team we are ready to help our students transition from elementary school to high school.  The middle school years are a time of huge change and transition, and we are intentional about providing direction while also providing a “safety net” for making mistakes.  We want our students to be independent, responsible learners by the time they reach high school. 

The core classes for MS are Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Spanish, and Bible. In addition, we also offer classes in the areas of study skills, physical education, visual arts, and performing arts. We integrate grade-specific technology and 21st century skills.  Our students are involved in art and music presentations, academic competitions, sports competitions and discipleship groups.  These are all programmed to help our students grow.  Each grade level averages 20 students.  The small class size allows us to meet individual student learning needs more readily.


Middle School Curriculum

English Department:  English 6, 7 and 8

Social Studies Department:  Geography 6, World History 7, and US History 8. For the MEDUCA diploma we offer Geografia, Civica and Historia.

Mathematics Department:  Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Science Department:  Earth Science 6, Life Science 7, Physical Science 8

Foreign Language Department: Native Spanish 6, Native Spanish 7, Native Spanish 8, Spanish I-III for Second Language Students

Physical Education Department:  PE 6, 7, and 8

Bible Department:  Bible 6 (Old Testament Survey I), Bible 7 (Old Testament Survey II), Bible 8 (Gospels/Life of Christ)

*Electives: Art, Music, Health, 6th Grade Study Skills, Guidance, Drama, Life Skills, Leadership, Keyboarding and Introduction to Computer Programming

*Offered each year based on faculty availability and student interest